First off, I must say the most heartfelt thank you. I have been completely overwhelmed by all your kind messages, emails, texts and comments of love, support and unwavering kindness since I shared my most personal post last week. You truly have no idea how much your support means, and all I can say is thank you. I truly didn’t expect the level of support that I did get though, and poor Made From Scratch took a little hit and completely crashed. I’m so sorry about that, but thank you so much for your patience last week while I got my site back up and running.

I have to admit it’s really odd to be working again and trying to get things ‘back to normal’ as much as possible. When you go through such a life changing and traumatic experience it’s really difficult to work out what the norm is again. So I’m taking each day as it comes. Each day is certainly getting easier, but then there are the days when you remember everything and your world stops spinning and you can’t breathe for a moment. It’s just a hard reality.

But for now, I’m going to keep moving. If I’m moving forward, then I’m ok. I also have a little idea forming away that I’m really excited about and am really looking forward to sharing it with you. But for now, I hope you enjoy this truly perfect scandi Boat House - right now I couldn’t imagine a more beautiful place to sit with friends and family and watch the world go by while chatting and laughing. xo