It may sound odd but I have never been able to warm to the idea, or motto, “that things happen to you for a reason”. Mostly as when this kind piece of advice is given to you, it’s normally during an incredibly heartbreaking and painful time of your life. However, I have always believed that people come into your lives when you need them. Julie from The Box. Label is one of those beautiful souls that walks into your life and fills it with a sense of calm, humour, kindness and the truly empowering notion to take time for yourself each day.

She has just launched a absolutely stunning collection of carefully selected and handmade candles, mugs and kimono’s. The collection is small, thoughtful, beautifully created for “the creatives, the courageous, the dreamers, the inspirers, the busy-bodies and encourages them to take a moment for themselves. and with the help of the box. label all products are designed for do-ers to relax and indulge.” I am beyond honoured to share this stunning collection of work with you and terribly excited to announce that Julie will be contributing her work here in the coming weeks. Until then, be sure to take a peek at her beautiful site, and fall in love with what inspires her on Pinterest and Instagram. I do hope you all have a lovely day planned, and remember to take a little time for yourself if possible today. x