Part of my goal to get back to basics this year, is also to get back to sharing the posts that I used to. Made From Scratch was built on sharing the beautiful work of others that inspired me - and in turn introducing you to someone new that you may not have heard of.

While wandering through Instagram the other night, I stumbled upon the absolutely beautiful work, and world of Simone. Her Instagram account is just a visual feast for the eyes, but also a just such a relaxing slice of the internet to admire. I really love her simple approach to sharing her work - one day it’s something from her kitchen, the next it’s from her travels. So simple, and just so perfect. I’d love to hear of any Instagram accounts that you love, be sure to leave their link below in the comment section so I, and of course you, can have a look. Be sure to have a peek at Simone’s work though, I have no doubt you’ll fall in love and either want to bake something, or go for a wander to see something new. x