Happy Monday everyone, I hope you all had a truly stunning weekend! If you follow me on Instagram you will have noticed that I had an amazing whirlwind of a trip to Sydney for a blogging weekend with some incredibly talented and lovely ladies - I promise I’ll share more of this wonderful weekend on the blog soon, there is so much to cover! Until then though, one of my absolute favourite parts about Spring is the lovely fresh feeling of change that it brings. There is just something so refreshing about the change of seasons and as the days start to get a little warmer and longer we start to clean the house, shed winter layers and become a little more active. I’m already getting ready to give the house a large Spring clean, but another Spring clean that I’m excited about is one for my body and wellbeing…

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...I find that looking after myself (and the ironing) is the first thing that I tend to neglect the busier I get, especially after the past few months which have been a bit of a blur - it’s so easy to fall into the trap of not looking after yourself while you’re running around after everyone else and running a small business. So as of today I’m going to make sure I take the time to do something every day that will improve my health and wellbeing, someone so kindly reminded me that if I’m not feeling my best, how am I supposed to look after others and focus on my work. I’m not at all one for diets, I love food far too much, but what I am going to do is limit those sneaky sugary snacks by replacing them with a cup of SkinnyMe Tea to clear away those nasty toxins that have built up over time, and 5-10min of yoga or body weight exercises (like squats and pushups) and then save the sweet treats for special occasions - I’m by no means cutting anything out, just altering the way I look at it.

I’ve always been really active (years ago I used to compete in triathlons and long distance running!), but I find that I tend to dip in and out of any routine when it comes to exercise really quickly. So another challenge that I’m adding to my day is to wake a little earlier and either go for a run or do yoga - both leave me feel amazing afterwards, so it’s so silly that I don’t do these exercises more often and then recharge after this workout with either a fresh juice or smoothie (which of course, I’ll share recipes for!). I’ve no doubt these small changes with give a massive boost of much needed energy, and hopefully even help shift a little winter weight. I’d absolutely love to hear what exercises and little diet tricks you have to keep yourself feeling your best - don’t be shy to leave a comment below, I love hearing from you. I hope everyone has a wonderful week planned and hopefully are a little inspired to do something for you each day. x