Winter in Paris is grey, very grey and of course very very cold - and sometimes you’re lucky enough to watch the snow fall over the rooftops in Paris. It’s too cold to be outside for long, but it’s of course the perfect time of the year to start my intensive French lessons and of course spend afternoons baking. I have just finished my first two weeks of French classes - they’re 3 hours a day from Monday to Friday - and you walk out beyond exhausted, your brain is just a swirling mess of French grammar, phrases, conjugations and learning the impossible task of not translating back into English. That said though the speed that I’m starting to pick everything up is exciting and I’m really enjoying the new routine of going to my classes each day, it’s something that I’m doing for me and it’s a really lovely feeling when you start to think more in French and of course understand.

I also had the absolute pleasure of spending a very cold rainy Friday afternoon a few weeks ago with the impossibly lovely Bénédicte from The Parisian Kitchen. She kindly invited me to her beautiful apartment in the 17th where we spent the afternoon baking a classic Chocolate soufflé served with a caramel sauce (as part of her Pastry Class Experience), sipped champagne and of course talked about work, life and Paris. It really was such a lovely and special afternoon. The workshops that Bénédicte host are truly such a pleasure to attend, where you are welcomed into her beautiful apartment and then guided through what are the best French ingredients to use, those all important tips and tricks, but then of course are welcomed to enjoy your delicious creations at the end of the workshop - it’s truly such a perfect afternoon for anyone wanting to attend a workshop in Paris, I couldn’t recommend her classes enough.

I of course hope you’re all having a lovely weekend/day so far. xo

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