As far getting to admire the change of seasons this year, I have been so incredibly lucky to get to see Paris during Spring and now of course, Autumn. Unlike Spring though, Autumn almost seems impossible to capture, the colours are so vivid and the light is so beautiful that whatever you’re looking, you know it won’t be done it’s justice when you try to capture it. In a way it’s as though nature is reminding you to not try and capture every single moment, but to instead stop and enjoy it.

Of course with Autumn, comes the fast approach of Winter - the days are so much shorter and it’s starting to get cold. Very cold. But that aside, it really is such a beautiful time of the year, where you stay inside a little more working, sit in side cafes savouring your coffee (or chocolat chaud) and croissant, enjoy day trips to Château de Versailles to walk through the gardens with friends, and of course watch the city transform for Christmas. And it really is so easy to see how this is called the most beautiful time of the year. x

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