And just like that the end of the year is almost here - this year seems to be going by so quickly, but also at the same time, at such a lovely new pace. A pace that isn’t so rushed and overwhelmed that I can’t remember one day from the next. I have mentioned it before this year, but life in Paris (although incredibly busy and fast paced) also has a really lovely slow, and sometimes enormously frustrating, slow pace to it.

But all in all, October has been such a wonderful time in Paris, traveling to other parts of France, and of course getting to experience Autumn in Paris - which truly is as magical as everyone says it is. Every day here is still a bit of a ‘pinch me moment’ mostly because if anyone had told me that I’d be living and working in Paris this time last year, I would have of course never believed them. I get so many lovely questions about how I managed to make Paris happen and change my life in such a way - and to be honest, I really don’t know. All I know is that I just couldn’t give up, and I didn’t want to miss out on living a beautiful, inspiring and challenging new life in a city that I adore. So with that, here is a collection of my favourite photos that I shared on Instagram during October, where you can of course see more of my travels around France and my favourite places in Paris. x