After almost a week of freezing cold, rainy and grey days - today was a truly perfect Spring day. It was as though Paris remembered that it was Spring, and not winter! Nearly everything is closed on a Sunday here, which I personally think is really lovely, as it forces you to go outside and enjoy the beautiful sites that this magnificent city has to offer. So today I walked, I walked as much as my legs would carry me and it was so perfect.

I started in Montmartre and made my way to the Seine via the Louvre, then wandered along the Seine watching the water sparkle - it’s such a magic sight. I then crossed my way through the beautiful cherry blossom filled gardens of the Notre Dame, before then slowly making my way to the The Jardin du Luxembourg. And of course, picking up a croissant and coffee along the way and finding an iconic green chair to call my own. Where I enjoyed my breakfast, while watching the world go by and reading my book (I’m currently reading Mrs Dalloway by Virgina Woolf, it’s fantastic). To me this is a truly perfect and wonderful way to enjoy a Sunday - and I wasn’t the only one to have the same plans. The Jardin du Luxembourg was full of people all reading, having picnics, catching up with friends and simply enjoying being outside - wherever there was a patch of sun, there was someone sitting in it, and it was just so lovely.

After spending a lovely amount of time sitting and reading in the gardens, I then wandered through the streets back towards the Seine - I spotted the iconic macaron shop Ladurée and simply couldn’t walk past. Their window displays really are stunning - and of course the cafe and desserts on offer are everything you can imagine. So coffee and delicate fraise millefeuille order, I made myself comfortable in their beautiful salon and enjoyed a quiet moment with my book and afternoon treat. I then slowly walked back up to my apartment, before catching up with a friend over a delicious glass or two of wine and simple, but wonderful cheese board for dinner. Sunday’s in Paris are absolutely incredible, I love the slow pace, but more than that I love that the entire day is filled with people doing what they love. Life is simple here, and it’s truly perfect. Oh, and be sure to keep an eye out on my Instagram, and of course here, I can’t wait to share the delicious plans I have for tomorrow. x