I adore wandering around the internet finding beautiful new work, products and creatives. It’s always so inspiring and you’re bound to find someone that you quickly adore. A little while ago I stumbled upon Vrai & Oro Fine Jewellery on Instagram and completely fell in love with not only their incredible style, but of course their beautiful jewellery. In their online shop you’ll find a carefully curated collection of fine jewellery from delicate rose gold stacked rings, baguette necklaces and pave studs - all of which not only make for a beautiful gift for someone special, or of course yourself!

Their philosophy is for creating jewellery is beyond perfect - for Vrai & Oro it’s all about quality, simplicity and transparency, where their goal is to create simple and delicate pieces that can be worn every day and in turn be forever stylish. I have absolutely no doubt you’ll fall in love with their collection and quickly add their timeless fine jewellery to your wish list. x

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