It’s not often that I post over the weekend, but I have always loved the idea of sharing something little that you’re able find inspiration in for the weekend. I started sharing a collection of my favourite places, items and books a while ago and sadly it just took a back seat. So it’s lovely to be bringing back an old post idea, where each I will be sharing a weekly collection of places to visit, products you may love, and books that I’m reading. So naturally it’s coined as Weekend Reading and Shopping, and below are a few of my favourites for this week. I hope you all have a truly lovely weekend planned, mine is going to be a very relaxing one. Where I read through one of the three books I’m enjoying at the moment, and go in search of a almond croissant and coffee as some point. xo

Reading: I have always loved to read, and often go through phases of reading two or three books at a time. At the moment, I’m throughly enjoying working my way through the whole series of Harry Potter. It’s just fun, and a lovely way to ‘switch’ off. The other books that I’m reading at the moment is The Art of Thinking Clearly by Rolf Dobelli and Eat that Frog by Brian Tracy. Both are brilliant books that take no time at all to read and help you to apply quick and easy techniques to your day to help make it as easy as possible.

Shopping: I have always had a soft spot for beautiful work out gear, especially pieces that look good in or out of the gym. Witchery have just released their new balance collection. And it’s stunning. I’m hoping to get back into the gym again soon, so a few lovely new pieces would be a nice little motivator. And then of course don’t forget to look after your skin! My poor skin has taken such a hit lately, and am just about to start a little detox of sorts - which of course I’ll fill you all in on. But for now, I can’t get enough of the whole Neutrogena Hydroboost range, it’s really wonderful.

A while ago I shared a photo of my new office, it’s been nice, but so hard to have to redecorate since leaving our home. I have always loved having a statement copper piece in my office, and found a perfect lamp from Republic that I was able to plug straight into the wall and loop over a hook on my pegboard. So simple, and so perfect for adding a little light to your space. If you’re in search of a beautiful new night, or of course homewares, be sure to take a peek at their new space in Newmarket.

I also have a gorgeous Le Monde scarf to giveaway to one lucky reader - to enter simply leave a comment below of your favourite place to visit in New Zealand. The lucky winner will be drawn at the start of the week. x