I’ve wanted to write a post about the behind the scenes of Made From Scratch for a while now, but to be honest I just had no clue what to write, now I do. Around 8 weeks ago Made From Scratch became my full time job, this was something that I never ever in a million and one years thought that could ever be possible - and it wouldn’t of happened without all of you! One of the things that I was expecting but not at all prepared for was that when you own your own business not only do you have to wear many many hats, but you also have to understand each and every one of them - something that at times is enormously overwhelming and has not come very easy at all for me, especially the legal side of things. I’m forever grateful and beyond honoured to have such a wonderful and loving support crew around me that have gently guided me into the right direction, where I now have some very very exciting things planned for the next few months, that I can’t’ wait to tell you about!
Aside from all the new headaches that owning a business have given me (I even went through a stage of waking at 3am every morning for about a week thinking that I’d burnt something or forgotten to set up for a baking class) it’s also the most rewarding and wonderful thing that I’ve ever worked on to date.  The fact that I get to on a daily basis blog, bake, meet and work with the most wonderfully talented people is the greatest thing in the world, something that I’m still so amazed about - to the point that I feel like I’m being punked most of the time! To each and every one of you that have read a blog post, followed me, attended one of my classes, sent me a little email and have been there for me, thank you so very much all of this just wouldn’t be possible without you I’m forever grateful and beyond proud to be apart of such a wonderful community of people! Thank you so so much. x