I honestly cannot remember the first time I came about the Marigold. It must have been during my childhood, but I do remember that I dismissed it as a boring old flower. Oh how times have changed! Perhaps it’s the gardener within me or maybe I’m just getting old hey? I have a huge respect for Marigold. It’s ridiculously versatile and has so much history, going all the way back to Aztec times - who knew! So today, I’m going to give you the lowdown on the Marigold and who knows, maybe by the end of it, you’ll have started your own secret Marigold Appreciation Society?

Coming in a variety of different colours along the yellow-orange spectrum, Marigold is a very simple to grow flower, just make sure to give it plenty of sunshine and a regular watering. You can propagate them via seeds (like I did) or simply purchase a pot plant or two from your local nursery. They’re easy to care for, so even if you just have a small balcony garden, you can grow Marigold in small pots.

If you happen to be a keen gardener, I highly recommend growing marigold as they are known as one of the plants that will organically keep most bad insects at bay. It’s kind of like a natural pesticide!

Marigold can be used in all manners of ways:

- Plant them in the garden to ward off bad insects for your other plants
- Cut some fresh and use as a table arrangement
- Add some of its petals to salads, or use to decorate your baking like on a pavlova!

They add a real touch to baked delights, I highly recommend trying that out next time… So what do you think of Marigold?