I’m beyond excited that my first recipe on the blog this year is from the gorgeous Mia from Mia Loves Pretty - especially as it’s to do with one of my all time favourite fruits, mango! My Grandparents have the most incredible mango orchid back in our home town in Queensland, so amazing that I refuse to eat any mango that they haven’t grown - so summer for me and all of our family and friends means eating far too many mangoes and forever washing your arms and face to stop any acid burns from the stunningly rich fruit. So you could only imagine my sheer delight when Mia sent through this delicious Fresh Mango Pops recipe - not only is it wonderfully simple to make it would be the most perfect afternoon treat for any summers day, even Mia’s adorable puppy likes them! I hope everyone is have a lovely summer so far, I’m off to see if I can find a mango that is hopefully as good as the ones my Grandparents grown each year so I can whip up a batch of Mia Loves Pretty’s delicious Mango Pops. x
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Fresh Mango Pops

One large ripe R2E2 Mango
Half a lime squeezed juice
1 TBSP Organic New Zealand Apple Syrup (or a natural non-cane sugar sweetener of your choice or omit altogether depending on your taste buds and how sweet your mango is!)
Freeze-dried fruit powder, I used raspberry and passionfruit
Stick blender/ Food Processor and plastic Popsicle molds or ice tray
Chop up your Mango into medium chunks and discard the seed. Using a stick blender or food processor and puree the chopped mango.
Stir in the lime juice and sweetener, sprinkle freeze-dried fruit powder into your Popsicle molds the pour in the mango puree, leaving about half an inch to give room for the mixture to expand when it freezes.
Place in freezer for 4 hours. Run your chosen Popsicle mold under water to help loosen up the ice-block before pulling the Popsicle out of its mold.
Or alternatively place your puree mixture in an ice tray, after an hour, place a Popsicle stick through the middle of each ice block and place back in the freezer for another hour until it is hard! Then pop the popsicles out like you would normally do when retrieving ice cubes, whenever you are ready for a treat!