Gem-_-Blackbird-Oh my goodness, I’m so incredibly honoured to introduce you to one very talented lady, she’s part owner of the beautiful The Little Details and has just started her own styling business called Blackbird - the absolutely gorgeous Gem! A while ago Gem and I caught up through a gorgeous mutual friend of ours Coralee, over tea and chocolate covered raspberries and got chatting about styling, home decor and how to shop for your body shape - she completely floored Coralee and I with her knowledge of how an outfit works, what doesn’t and what will suit your beautiful body the best!

It took Gem and I no time at all to think of ways that we could work together, and it naturally turned to closet styling. I’ve always been a huge fan of a beautiful styled closet and ‘effortless day to day style’ - I wouldn’t say that my style is that bad, but like everyone I find it so easy to get into a ‘comfy style rut’. So I invited Gem over last week to have a peek at my closet and give me a little style make over, her eye for detail and getting the perfect line on your body is incredible! Plus there really is nothing like a fresh set of eyes, and style, to help give you a little boost. We’ve only just started, but we will be covering everything from Fashion Personality, Body Analysis, Textures & Patterns, Wardrobe Makeover, how to take two staple pieces turn it into 5 outfits and many other wonderful tips - Gem will be generously posting once a week on Made From Scratch, but of course if you’re after a personal style makeover be sure to get in touch with her, I promise you wont regret it! I can’t wait to share what we have planned, be sure to have a look at her blog Blackbird today about our exciting collaboration! x