​A few years ago I asked my Grandma to write down some of her favourite recipes for me - not only is her handwriting beautiful, but I love the way she writes recipes. They’re only ever a few lines long and a lot of the time the method is written in with the list of ingredients - it’s wonderful. Theses beautiful pieces of paper mean the world to me and I had them framed a while ago too - I’m still to find a place to hang them, but I’ll absolutely share a photo of them for you.

So with the weather very slowly cooling off, I thought I’d make one of her recipes - it’s a fantastic and incredibly simple Date Loaf, I didn’t alter her recipe at all, but you can of course add ginger, walnuts or anything else you wish to the recipe too and it will still be perfect. Enjoy lightly toasted with a cup of fresh coffee for a perfect breakfast or morning tea. x