Everyone knows this wonderful story - you have either seen the movies, listened to the audio books or of course read the books. I like so many around the word truly love this story - and it not at all just about witches and wizards. This incredible story teaches you about the power of friendship, love, the importance of kindness and wanting to help others without self gain or hidden purpose and refusing to give up - no matter how hard it gets. I fell in love with the Harry Potter story years ago - I watched the movies first, then listened to the audio books while traveling and then started reading the books last year. It’s taken me a while to read the series as I’d read one, watch the movie that matched the book - read another book or two that wasn’t Harry Potter, and then read the next in the series.

I finished reading the Deathly Hallows over the weekend and even though I knew how the story ended, I was hooked until the very last page and was so sad to close the book. I truly didn’t want the story to end, as over the past months it’s been one of the best ways for me to escape everything. To open up a book and become completely absorbed by a story became one of the best ways for me to stop my mind having to deal with all of the sadness I was going through. So much so that my poor family and friends have had to endure me talking about the current story that I’m ready, constantly telling them they have to read these and hilarious wandering around the house while I’m looking for something saying accio (insert object I’m trying to find) - and then laughing when I find it and proudly saying, “ha, works every time!”.

If there was ever a series of books you wanted to read I truly couldn’t recommend Harry Potter more. It’s an incredible story that both young and old should read, there is naturally so much more to the books than the movies, but along with being a wonderful story each charter teaches you so much about yourself. And as Ginny kindly says and really is such a wonderful reminder, “Anything is possible if you have enough nerve”. x