Thank you all so much for your kind support on my rambling post yesterday - off days are never nice, thankfully though they never last too long and you always tend to wake up the next day feeling so much better for working through everything.

On a much lighter note. I mentioned in my post yesterday that I’m going to Australia to see my family over the Easter Holidays before I go to Paris for three months. I grew up in a small town in central Queensland called Rockhampton, and then of course moved to Auckland with my family almost 12 years ago. It’s so awful, but I think it’s been about 4 years since I’ve been back to my home town so I’m really looking forward to going back and spending time with my family - before that though, I’ll be in Sydney meeting my new nephew or niece who is due any minute now! I love going back to Australia and seeing my family, every time I step onto Australian soil I just feel at home. It’s really nice.

So with the Easter Long weekend almost here - I thought I’d share a little of my packing tips for enjoying an extended long weekend, in just a carry on. I find it such a fun and freeing challenge to travel with just a carry on, plus there is the added advantage of not waiting for your luggage to arrive at the end of the flight. I’ll be away for just under two weeks, so packing for that short, but long amount of time has to be minimal and carefully thought through. What ever your plans are for the Easter Long weekend next week, I hope that they’re relaxed and filled with many happy memories. x

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Take full advantage of what you’re allowed to carry on board - make sure you check your flight details so you know how much weight you’re allowed to carry. I tend to take a large gym bag for my clothing and my Saben Yasmin for laptop, books, and personal items.


Choose minimal basics that your’e able to mix and match over the coming weeks. I tend to take one pair of jeans, one pair of shorts and then around 3 t-shirts (grey, striped, black - you can find basics in most shops. But these essentials by Ketz-Ke and their Charlotte Dress, which I’ve worn as both a dress and top - simply tuck the dress into jeans or shorts - are so perfect for layering), camisoles and a simple black dress that can be work day or night another day dress, and of course ballet flats and sandals. The simpler the mix of clothing, the easier it is to combine them for various looks. Plus you’re going to be with family - so it’s really not too much of a stress if you’re seen in the same thing often.


This is slightly tricker as you’re limited with the amount of liquids in your carry on. So I avoid taking shampoo, conditioner and toothpaste - mostly because I’m staying with family and they have these every day essentials. With makeup, I keep it as simple as possible and try to get the most out of each product - so I tend to only take my compact foundation, concealer, eye cream, mascara, eyebrow pencil (this brow tech powder by Smashbox is incredible and it can also double as a eye liner if needed) lipstick an every day colour and a red (and both can be used as blush if you need) and of course moisturiser that includes suncream and make up remover wipes. They’re so much easier to take than your bottles of cleaners, these makeup and cleansing wipes by EcoCare are one of my favourites at the moment - they’re just so gentle on our skin.


The worst of them all - mostly because of the amount of chargers that are needed. The only pieces that I’m planning to take are my laptop, iPhone and iPad - and thankfully they can all be charged together. Oh and of course, don’t forget to take a real book - just incase your tech pieces all run out of power at the same time, plus it’s just so nice to read from a real book. The next on my list is Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert - I have been wanting to read her book for a while now and am really looking forward to it.