For the past few months no doubt you have been noticing my wardrobe and paper file posts - I have been ruthlessly cleaning, sorting, constantly shifting and throwing away pieces that I no longer want in my life. I have poured through The Life Changing Magic of Tidying and Spark Joy by Marie Kondo, listened to countless ted talks and podcasts about how having less can make you happier. And the truth is that it does. That said though, I still love being surrounded by things - the difference now is that everything that I do have, I really want in my life.

It continues boggles my mind at how much stuff one person can have (granted, I have two people worths of possessions from over 11 years) - and then sadly how something that once meant so much to you can quickly hold no meaning. It’s taken countless days of cleaning, sorting and organising and I now only have things in my life now that make me happy. I’m one of those people who renovates, re styles, cleans or paint a room when things get hard - the day I found out what happened last year, I drove straight to the hardware shop and repainted a room. It’s my therapy. It’s been hard to part with some things, but once they’re gone, it’s also very freeing. I guess in a way, it’s shedding old sad layers, and making way for a fresh new life - it’s not only hard to go through the things you shared, but to then add them to a new space, one where you want to feel safe in. The only things that I have out of deep storage are essential to me at the moment - a selection of books (that keeps growing weekly) my computer and laptop, my clothes and makeup and carefully selected art and decor pieces that really mean something to me - and I couldn’t be happier.

So last weekend my Mum and I repainted my room and then together built a beautiful open wardrobe. I annoyingly don’t have a before photo - the space really wasn’t very attractive before hand. Along the wall where my open wardrobe now hangs - was a old and wobbly wire wardrobe with a canvas covering and a bookcase filled the books, shoes and decor pieces. It was a heavy, cluttered and overwhelming space - you couldn’t see a single piece of the wall. Because there isn’t a built in wardrobe in this room, it’s always been a tricky area and one that every time Mum and I looked at it we would backed away and put it into the too hard basket. And no matter how often I tidied the space, it would never look ok. So while painting my room, we were able to see the whole wall again - and from a simple idea, a little planning, scrolling through pinterest for inspiration, a lot of measuring and a free afternoon we created this beautiful and elegant space.

I’ll forever be grateful to my parents for opening their arms, and home to Kora (puppy) and I after everything that happened last year. They simply want me to feel at home, comfortable and safe again. It’s generosity and love in it’s purest form.

I always loved my room (it was mine before I left home in my late teens) but it’s never looks or felt like this before. It now feels like a beautiful open apartment, I have always been drawn to open wardrobes, and having one makes me feel like I’m living in a walk in wardrobe. It’s elegant, clean, thoughtful, grown up and best of all, everything hanging in this space are pieces that are mine and make me happy - plus there really is something so comforting and lovely to have a new space to style. Take a peek below for more of my new open wardrobe, but also a few tips on how Mum and I created this space - all for less that $100 - and a space that marks a beautiful and exciting fresh start. xo


Edit, edit, edit and then edit again. This hasn’t been a quick fix for me. I’ve been going through my clothes, possessions, papers and sentimental pieces for months now. Every single time that I do I end up getting rid of more and more, my girlfriends and strangers have benefited greatly from my ‘zen attacks’. But the real surprise, has been at how clearer my mind and life feels from having clutter and stuff. Going through these pieces is always hard, it always stirs up a lot of memories, but working through those feelings and then making the decisions to either keep, place into deep storage, throw out or donate is incredibly therapeutic.

So now, with my new open wardrobe - I may have more space to fill, but I certainly don’t want to overfill it. My dresses, coats, certain tops and some pants are hung on matching hangers - and everything else, lingerie, t-shirts, knits, jumpers, scarves and shorts are in the draws below. These draws are also home to my hair and makeup products, clutches, shoes and jewellery - everything has it’s place and I love it.


My all time favourites pieces to style any room with is are simply flowers, books, candles, art and meaningful decor pieces. I love nick-nacks, but they must have a meaning to it. They tend to be pieces that have been gifted to me or something I found while traveling. I don’t like pieces that fill a space just for the sake of it.

I have always loved styling spaces with books - not only are they beautiful, but they remind me of what I have read, are reminders of what to read next and in an odd way they don’t make me feel lonely. It’s comforting to be surrounded by words, advice and stories by your favourite authors.

Art is something that has always been very special to me, I didn’t take many of the pieces from our collection - the reminders that came with them was too difficult. So I have been rebuilding my art collection bit by bit and I am really enjoying it, it’s been really lovely to curate and create your own collection again.

Candles are a wonderful way to decorate a space too - I tend to pick candles with a scent that remind me of a certain person or time. Vanilla reminds me of baking, jasmine reminds me of playing in my Grandparents garden when I was little, peony and fresh floral notes remind me of my Mum and deep earthy musky tones of my Dad. It’s nice to have familiar scents around you that make you think of a wonderful memory.

And of course flowers and indoor plants, nothing brightens a room or space faster that freshly cut flowers - I always feel so much better by adding a single hydrangea to a simple vase or treating myself to a bouquet of in season flowers.

Also, because everything is on display. Now is the time to really think about what you want to have on display - I have a beautiful collection of handbags and shoes, but not every piece needs to be on display. The bags on the shelf and the shoes on the left my favourites and most used, plus I love looking at them, so it’s nice to put them on display.

Items used

I didn’t want to have to purchase anything new - I wanted to make use of the pieces that I had, it’s wonderful to be resourceful of the pieces that you all ready own, and lean on your skills a little more. The only things that were bought were the brackets, wood and paint - i’t’s much easier for me to explain this in bullet point - but if there is anything else you’d like to know about my room, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, so you’re able to create a space like this.

  • the wall paint is 1/4 foggy grey by Karen Walkers Resene Collection
  • the two drawers, are by Mocka, I have had these for a while and really love how minimal they are, I also have the matching bedside tables.
  • my art is a collection of pieces by Kimmy Hogan, Mini Grandi Artist and Belinda Xia - each piece is so special to me.
  • Books, candles and decor pieces have been collected over the years - and a few came from my time in Paris and Munich last year.

The shelf was actually very easy to assemble - just take your time with the measurements. You can by shelve brackets with hooks attached from Mitre 10 - which allows you to have a shelf and of course rail to hang your clothing. So clever. Once the bracket is attached to the wall, simply secure your preferred length of blonde wood ply wood to the shelf, add the clothing rail and secure to the hooks - then pour yourself a delicious, and well deserved gin and tonic and spend the rest of the afternoon styling your new space. x