Since my mini break in Brisbane I now have a million and one ideas swirling around in my head of what I’d like to do for Made From Scratch and where I would like to take it, hopefully I’ll get to share some of my crazy idea’s with you all soon! One thing that keeps popping up is that I want to share a little more about how I work and of course teach you too, because owning and running and small business can not only be the most rewarding yet incredibly stressful thing you’ll do, it can also be a little lonely at times when you only have your own thoughts to work with and sometimes can’t often bounce ideas of others - especially with random business questions. Before I started my blogging and social media workshops I would be asked quite a bit which social media platform I prefer and not only that how to manage them all - especially while running a small business and of course running a daily blog all by my self, is it ok for me to say that sometimes I have absolutely no idea how I manage it all! Keeping on top of all of your chosen social media platforms is a huge amount of work, especially when it’s just you.
When I started Made From Scratch in 2010, I used Facebook more than Twitter as I found it suited me a little more and was more visually engaging for me - plus Pinterest and Instagram didn’t quite exist then either, and I still remember having to sign up for the test program for Pinterest and only joined Instagram on our honeymoon as a way to add filters to my images. Of course since then Pinterest and Instagram have exploded into our daily lives and I found that I’m drifting a little more towards them and away from Facebook and Twitter - I’m not sure why, I think I just enjoy the lovely community of people on Instagram as well as the ease of it and of course there is always something happening on Pinterest and of course it’s a huge source of inspiration. Plus it’s always nice to try out different platforms and meet wonderful new people through them. If you’re in a similar position and not sure which social media platform is best for you to use, I would suggest that you chose the ones that you enjoy the most. Personally I don’t really enjoy Twitter that much, it’s too fast for me and I can never seem to keep up with everything so I don’t use it daily, I adore Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram so I of course spend quite a bit of my time on there sharing my work as well as others and daily bits of inspiration. The wonderful thing is that which ever platform you do choose you’ll quickly find that the ones you spend the most time on will grow the fastest - because we all have our favourite social media outlet, I’d love to hear which one you enjoy the most. x
{image via, Pretty Stuff by Patterson Maker}