​Since sharing my post about being homesick at the start of the week, I have just been so overwhelmed and touched by all of your incredibly generous and kind comments of support. Each and every comment is read, a lot of time through tears, and every single one truly means the world. I really am forever thankful for your support and kindness, it’s just so generous and all I can say is thank you so very much.

I mentioned in my post that I’m very slowly looking forward to calling a new place home one day. As daunting as it having to find a that place, and to do this alone for the moment, it’s also incredibly exciting in a way. I’ve never lived by myself before, we met at 17 and started living together when we were 18, so my entire adult life has been spent living with and creating a home with someone else. I loved every minute of it, but am gradually looking forward to the idea of potentially calling a home just mine, learning the art of living alone and watching my decor style evolve. Paris will be my first experience of living by myself, it’s very very much throwing myself into the deep end, different country, language, etc. But every time I think about it, it just fills me with such excitement that it will be something just for me. He won’t have any impact on where I choose to call home, and that in a way is rather empowering.

Those who have kindly been following Made From Scratch for a while now, will know that I have always had a love for beautiful apartments. I think there is just something so nice about living in a smaller place, everything that you own is carefully curated and it’s all that you need to call home. It’s a lovely minimal way to live and one that I think I could very much get used to. I spotted this elegant apartment on Dust Jacket a little while ago and love the simplicity of it - the colour palette is soft, yet welcoming, the exposed beams are incredible, the gallery wall is a beautiful place to show your collection of art and I adore the little reading nook above the bookshelf/fridge area. Everything has it’s place and i’ts just beautiful. It’s homes like this that take the painful edge of homesickness away, and hopefully one day, I might be able to call a place like this home, even if it’s just for a short period of time. x

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