Today our adorable little cavoodle puppy turns one! She is by far the sweetest, fluffy puppy and we absolutely adore her, for those who have been following Made From Scratch for a while probably remember how little she was when Ben surprised me with her on Christmas Eve last year! I was going to make her a puppy cake to celebrate, but we thought that new toys and smelly bones were a much better idea - she’s now protectively hiding in the back yard with her new treats! I thought that I would share a few little cute things about Kora and what we adore about her so much!
- She loves chasing shadows, she will spend hours pouncing around the back yard like a little sheep
- She’s enormously protective of her teddy and will.not.let anyone near her when she wants it
- She’s ridicously quick when it comes to chasing her ball at the park!
- She gives the best cuddles ever, she will hold on to you around your neck and stay there for so long, I adore it!
- Every night, we say “bed time Kora” and she grabs teddy and wanders into her room and goes to bed, it melts our heart every time!
Happy Birthday Kora, you’re sometimes just far too cute for words!