We’re a little spoilt in New Zealand today as we are celebrating a long weekend, the first hint of summer and touch of sunburn after sitting outside for too long. Yet, it’s still a Monday. I have a little love/hate relationship with Monday’s. They’re wonderful as it’s a new start to the week, and the possibilities are endless, but it also means the end of a hopefully relaxing weekend. I often get asked how I plan out my days and keep on top of everything when I have so much going on. A while ago I set myself a simple ‘rule’ that I wouldn’t book anything on a Monday. I would keep it as open and free as possible so that I have the time to plan out the rest of the week and get ahead of my to-do list as much as possible. Now, my minimal Monday’s, don’t always happen, but when they do, I always feel so much better for it and it really helps to set up the week ahead. I’d love to hear of any tips and tricks you have to keeping on top your busy schedules.

For those in New Zealand, I hope you all had a truly lovely long weekend and are enjoying Spring. It’s such a nice time of the year, I love seeing the cherry blossoms bloom, catching up with friends in the sun with a gin and tonic, and that it’s just warm enough to wear a dress but still cool enough to wear your favourite peep toe boots. I hope you all have a wonderful week planned. x

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