Rainy and cozy long weekends really are such a great time to catch up on doing nothing, and start creating Christmas wish lists. I’ve only just caught up on everything since getting home from Europe, so am throughly enjoying curling up on the couch, doing a little work and dipping in and out of a new book. I, like almost everyone, read To Kill a Mockingbird at school and am really looking forward to reading Go Set a Watchman, it’s so nice to re-read classics and read a potential new classic. Have you read it yet, I’d love to hear what you thought of it? I hope you all have a wonderful long weekend planned, have a peek below for a few more of my picks for this weeks Weekend Reading and Shopping post. x

+ Does anyone else remember their Mum using Nutrimetics and the sweet apricot perfume of their face creams? I am lucky enough to be trying out their new Energise skincare range, made with breakthrough natural ingredients such as Beetroot, Taro Leaf, and Japanese Pagoda Flower extract. Their new collection is gentle on my terribly sensitive skin, but powerful enough to have already quickly hydrated it and brought it back to life after four very long flights over the past weeks. If you’re in need of a new skincare regime, be sure to have a peek at their new collection. Or better still, leave a comment below of your dream place to visit this summer, for your chance to win your own Energise prize pack - containing an Energise Detoxifying Cleanser, a Vital Toning Mist, an Awakening Eye Gel and a Daily Boost Crème-Gel. The lucky winner will be announced next week.

+ I’m terribly lazy when it comes to hair care, my routine is really minimal - I wash my hair at night, allow to air dry over night/while I sleep and then style in the morning. But when it comes to the products that I use, I always try to find ones that are nourishing, will protect my hair and are as natural as possible. I started using Imprivo not long after getting home and have been so thrilled with the results already. My hair is naturally very wavy/curly and frizzes at the first site of any rain - yet in a week, has quickly settled. It’s a wonderful product, and fits in perfectly with my very low maintenance routine. Have a peek at their new collection and how their changing the nature of haircare using natural ingredients.

+ Buy a beautiful bouquet of peonies, or your favourite in season flowers and give to someone special in your life. Don’t ever forget to show the people you love, just how much they mean to you.

+ I adore handbags. I’d happily spend nothing on clothing, but will always invest in quality handbags and shoes. I have been a fan of Saben for years, their classic but youthful shapes and designs are just stunning. If you are in need of a perfect every day clutch, you can’t go wrong with their cult classic, Tilly or for those who carry a laptop around every day. Have a look at their beautiful Yasmin bags - large, yet elegant enough to fit your laptop, purse, scarf, diary and anything else you need. Two perfect bags to add to your Christmas wish list this year. x