Spring in Paris is absolutely stunning - of course only once the weather is warm enough to be able walk around without freezing - but everywhere you turn there is another flower blooming and more and more people venturing outside into the sunshine. It’s just beautiful. So after a delicious pastry filled day yesterday where I attended my first patisserie class with La Cuisine - all I wanted to do today was walk, find blooming wisteria and pastel buildings and new art galleries to admire.

One of my absolute favourite past times is to wander through an art gallery, I not only love the art that is shown there, but also the buildings and of course how quite it is. Plus, I really enjoy finding galleries that you don’t have to line up for hours and hours to enter. The Musee Cognacq-Jay is one of those wonderful hidden gems in Le Marais that you wouldn’t even know was there if you walked past it. But when you enter, my gosh, it simply takes your breath away. It’s a small intimate gallery, where each room is more beautiful than the next. It’s a stunning but thoughtful mix of opulence - but then entire rooms are painted pastel blues and bright pink. Which makes for such a wonderful contrast between the elegant paintings and sculptures from the Age of Enlightenment and the breathtaking Jean-Baptiste Huet exhibition that is on at the moment. It’s such a beautiful gallery, and possibly one of my favourites so far in Paris - plus entry is free and there aren’t that many people there, which makes it such a relaxing place to be.

So, after spending quite a bit of time in the Musee Cognacg-Jay, I then slowly wandered around Le Marais stopping from time to time in the beautiful gardens to admire the spring flowers, before making my way to Boot Cafe for a coffee and one of their classic cookies. Before walking back to Montmartre to pack my bags as I’m leaving for Munich this Thursday to visit my very close friends for a little while before coming back to Paris. The past two weeks here have been a truly magical dream, and one that I still can’t believe that I made happen. x