Happy Friday everyone, I hope you’ve all had a truly wonderful week! Earlier this week we went to dinner with our best friends and one of the things on the menu was a Pineapple Lump milkshake. It was quickly ordered, devoured and we all fell in love with this simple, yet incredibly delicious milkshake - so much so that I had to recreate it! For those who aren’t familiar with Pineapple Lumps, they have a chewy pineapple centre and are covered in chocolate, and are considered a bit of a kiwi icon. Not only are they a delicious treat, they also make a perfect base for a milkshake - plus with summer on it’s way it’s the perfect time to start creating delicious milkshakes to enjoy on a warm summers day. I’d love to hear what your favourite milkshake flavour is, and of course would love to hear what you think of this recipe. I hope you all have a lovely weekend planned. x