Until moving to Paris I had completely taken it for granted just how lucky we are in New Zealand and Australia to see the sea so often. Almost everyone will say that the sea is such a healing, magical and peaceful place. And after a long and cold winter in Paris, followed by a few very stressful and sad weeks for me personally all I wanted was to be next to the sea, watch it move, breath in the fresh salty air and enjoy an endless view into the horizon alone while working out what to do next.

Of course, for those who kindly follow me on Instagram and Facebook would have seen my photos of my time in Saint Malo, and when I was there earlier in February with my Mum for our birthday. It was so special to visit Saint Malo at the end of winter when the sea was wild and crashing over the boardwalk, but then calm and the town full of beautiful flowers in bloom for Spring. So for keepsake here is a collection of my favourite photos from my recent trip there - and for those who are traveling around France and wanting a beautiful coastal town to visit that’s only 3 hours from Paris, be sure to have a look at Saint Malo - the landscape, food (crepes, cider, butter, caramel, biscuits and seafood!) and history is just so incredible and it really does make for such a special place to visit. x