Sometimes all you need to brighten up your day is a new splash of colour around the home - you know it’s true! Here’s a super fabulous and simple wall flower garland for you to make.

It’s so common to have a vase of flowers on a table in the living room, but how about decorating the wall with flowers? Something a bit different but so easy to make - trust me!

A little secret for you: I’m usually not a big fan of gerberas… but once in a while, just by themselves, they’re not too bad. So long as you choose the right colours of course.

To make your garland:

1. Start by chopping off the stems of your gerberas as close as possible to the head of the flower, whilst also keeping it intact.

2. Next, take some thin wire and begin stringing through the back of each gerbera. Alternate colours whilst you add each one on, leaving some space between each flower.

3. Make the garland as long as you need it to be and then hang it up on your wall, via hooks of some sort. Now step back and smile!

I promised you it would be easy, right! Now…the real question is what flower you would choose to string up?