I hope everyone had the most wonderful Easter long weekend - I spent the long weekend with my family in Sydney. It was such a lovely few days wandering around the city, day trips to Manly, delicious food but most importantly spending time with family and meeting my beautiful newborn nephew. He’s just perfect and there really isn’t anything like newborn cuddles to completely heal any lingering heartbroken wounds.

Yesterday my Mum and I flew from Sydney to my home town Rockhampton to spend time with my Grandparents before my upcoming 3 months in Paris in a few weeks. There is something incredibly lovely about coming back to where you grew up, I haven’t been ‘home’ for over 4 years, in a way nothing has changed here, but of course so much has. I shared a little of where my love of gardening came from yesterday my cousins and I spent so much of our childhood running freely through our Grandparents garden and mango orchards and of course helping with the garden. And even as an adult I could spend hours in their garden, it’s full of so many happy memories from over the years. The landscape in Australia really is so different to New Zealand, but it’s beautiful and familiar, and it’s so nice to stop and enjoy some quality family time at my family home. There really is something so nice, and grounding about coming back to where everything started - coming home really does show you what’s important in life and has really helped calm my nerves before Paris. The upcoming few months are daunting, but of course so exciting, I truly can’t believe I will be in Paris in a few short weeks - there is so much to do before then, but I truly can’t wait to really begin my Fresh Start. x

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