To say that there are endless options for places to enjoy a delicious meal in Paris is a huge understatement. I honestly think that you could eat out for every meal for a year here and still not see and enjoy everything that this magical city has to offer. But then you find a new restaurant that is close to your home and that prides its self on serving you a classic seasonal family inspired French meal, by people who truly love to cook and share something special with you and use only the freshest local ingredients.

And TOUS is one of those places. My partner and I went one very cold evening a few weeks ago and our entire dining experience and evening was so wonderful, that you blissfully forget to take photos between the apéritif, entrées, mains, glasses of wine, local gorgonzola cheese served with a warm baguette and then of course, a dessert cart filled with beautiful cakes and desserts for you to slowly slip into an indulgent food coma. For those looking for a relaxing and wonderful place to enjoy a seasonally and locally made meal by some of the loveliest and kindest restaurant owners, and a place you’re able to sit and talk and drink and eat all evening, then you simply must visit TOUS during your stay in Paris. You really will have a wonderful evening, and if you happen to go with a group of friends, be sure to order anything that is made in their impressive collection of STAUB cocottes. x

TOUS Restaurant

6 rue Lamartine

75009 Paris

Ph: 01 45 96 04 56

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