​Today has been a very busy day of work and personal admin. I have been spending the last few weeks/months getting everything in order before I leave for Paris - it’s that weird mix of time that’s flat out, but also really calm. I have been closing down projects, starting new ones, planning catch up’s with people in Paris, making endless lists of places to visit and of course getting everything neat and tidy behind the scenes so that Made From Scratch will keep running as smoothly as possible. I’m taking the time to get everything sorted now, so that I’m able to really enjoy my time while in Paris.

However, no matter how busy my days are, I always try to take a little time out just for me. It’s something that I started doing towards the end of last year and I really love how much it’s helped - at first it felt really selfish to take that time just for me. But it’s 15min, 15min of your whole day, and I thought if I can’t do something just for me for such a small amount of time then there is something really wrong with that. Plus, you’d be so surprised at what you’re actually able to fit in, and learn, in 15min. So below are a few of the things that I do during those 15min just for me - and also a few things around the internet that I have really enjoyed this week. I hope you have all had a truly wonderful week and have an even better weekend planned - I’m off to the Auckland Derby Day races tomorrow, which I’m really looking forward too. x


Since everything that happened last year, I have been reading anything I can get my hands on - I started as it was the only way to completely calm my mind, but now I just love it, and if I don’t take the time to read something new each day I start to really miss it. It’s gotten to the stage now where I’m almost reading a book a week and I’m really enjoying it - so many people say, how are you finding the time. I don’t have excess time, I make the time. And the lovely thing is that even with just 15min of reading a day you’ll quickly start working through some of your favourites books.

You don’t just have to use this time to read a book either - you could use this 15min to read one of your favourite blogs, news sites, or simply wander around the internet for 15min. I find that saying ‘I’m going to read something new for 15min’ really gives me the freedom to find something new and inspiring that I probably wouldn’t have before.

Watch or Listen to Something

Be it a 15min Ted Talk, an episode by Marie Forelo or podcast - it could be anything. It has the same thinking behind it as reading, I’ve learnt so many fascinating things by simply watching a 15min talk or video. Here are a few that I found this week and really enjoyed.

- This talk by Shonda Rhimes about saying yes is truly wonderful and such a great reminder.
- You may have already seen this video before as it has been circulating the internet for a while - but it’s just wonderful.


I have never liked the excuse “I don’t have time to exercise”. I of course have used this excuse a million and one times, but the silly thing is, that if it’s a priority to you then you will always be able to find time. I shared a little finding time in this post and have since had so many lovely emails from women saying how much better they feel from just adding a small amount of exercise to their day. And it can be anything from a 15min walk around the block, to a high impact 15min class or yoga.

Learn a language

I completely understand that the longer spent on leaning a new language the better you will get. But somedays this is all I do in my 15min of time for me - and I really love it. I use the Doulingo and Babble apps. It’s such a mental challenge, it’s so fun to learn something new, and of course incredibly frustrating when it feels like you aren’t getting anywhere. But even just spending 15min a day on this has been so so helpful and fingers crossed will help me a little when I’m in Paris in just over 6 weeks.

Call a friend

When was the last time you picked up the phone and called a close friend or family member and just talked. Talking to the people we love, finding out how they are and simply calling to say hi, really is such a lovely thing to do.

And most importantly, don’t ever feel bad for taking a little time out just for you. You need time for yourself so you can be there for everyone you love. x