​So many of my girlfriends had recommended Elizabeth Gilbert’s new book Big Magic too me - and after reading it cover to cover on my flight from Auckland to Sydney last week I can see why. It’s a book that encourages you to live a creative life through following your curiosity - not so much finding your passion, as your passion tends to be something that evolves in a way from what you’re curious in. It’s such a simple and freeing idea, as it takes the pressure off to ‘find/follow your passion’ instead, by simply following your curiosity you tend to try something new or go back to doing something that you love because there isn’t any added pressure to make it succeed. You do it because you love it. There are of course so many wonderful things to Big Magic and I have always enjoyed reading how someone else views the ever complex creative process.

Elizabeth Gilbert shares her take on the creative process in such an honest and straight up way that by the end of the book you have that ‘huh, why did I ever make it so much harder than it was’ thought. For those wanting/needing that final nudge to help them with their creative process, the joy of following your dreams and not giving up no matter how long it takes, busting the myth that you have to quit your day job to live a creative life or to simply add a little more joy to their lives, Big Magic really is one to read. This is but one of my favourite quotes from her book, but I have no doubt you will find many more. x

“Do what you love to do, and do it with both seriousness and lightness. At least then you will know that you have tried and that - whatever the outcome - you have traveled a noble path”

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