For those who have been kindly following Made From Scratch for a while will know of my love of apartments - I have always loved the simplicity and ease of them, and of course when styled well, they’re just such a beautiful place to be. So naturally, since moving to Paris, I have had such a wonderful time moving around and staying in different apartments - its also a really lovely way to get to know a new area. I have been asked by so many of you since I arrived in Paris where I have been staying - I have stayed in three beautiful apartments so far, each have been so different and wonderful in their own way. But this studio by Haven in Paris is easily one of my favourites. I have spent my whole time in Montmartre, mostly because it’s one of my favourite parts of Paris - you can wander the streets for hours and hours, this history is wonderful, the food is of course delicious and I really like that it’s just that little bit removed from the centre of Paris. One of the places that I stayed at was a beautiful studio that had the most incredible views over the Montmartre Cemetery and towards the iconic Sacre Coeur Basilica - to be honest, there really is nothing like having a view like this from your apartment. It makes you feel on top of the world. When I started looking at apartments to stay in before I came to Paris, I was of course so daunted by the idea of having to rent somewhere alone - because lets be honest, traveling/living alone is just nerve-wracking, and especially in a city that you’re only just learning all the ins and outs of. I rented this beautiful apartment through Haven in Paris - and from my first email with them I was instantly put to ease. Their service is second to none, they are kind, professional and make you feel completely at home in their apartments - and generously welcome you with a bottle of wine and fresh flowers on arrival and send warm emails throughout your stay to check in and make sure your ok. It’s kind, compassionate and really lovely service. To those wanting to find a beautiful, safe and memorable apartment to stay in during your time in Paris, I really couldn’t recommend Haven in Paris enough. x

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