Inspired by a childhood in New Zealand, Zoe and Morgan’s beautiful new HUIA collection is based on adventures, the joy of waking to bird song, and the excitement from seeing shooting stars late at night. I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek of their new range a few weeks ago and treat myself to their already coveted Piwakawaka earrings - a piece that was inspired by the flirtatious, cheeky and iconic New Zealand Fantail and has quickly become one of their best sellers! Their latest collection is just perfect, where each piece is more beautiful than the next and styled to perfection in their scandi inspired campaign images.

Along with art I have always loved to collect beautiful jewellery, each piece always means so much to you and it’s nice to be able to buy pieces that have been created and inspired by the country that you live in. Plus I think it’s so lovely to be able to spoil yourself every now and then with a beautiful piece you’ll treasure for years to come. Be sure to take a peek at their new collection here, or of course in either their City Works Depot or London shops, I have absolutely no doubt you’ll quickly fall in love and of course start eyeing up their fine collection too! I hope you all have a truly lovely weekend planned. xo

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