So simple, impossibly elegant and a flower that will always bring a smile - and inspire you to turn a little crazy and carry them from room to room so you’re always able to enjoy them. Peonies really are just such a beautiful flower, and watching them open from a right bud to sometimes a bloom as large as a plate is just pure magic - there isn’t a peony I haven’t liked, they’re just beautiful. Plus the colours, how do they change from bright pink hues to soft whites, it’s just so lovely. It really is a special season for flowers, and a perfect time to buy a few bouquets for yourself or the ones you love.

Oh, and for those who love the ease of shopping online and are a little time pressed, take a peek at Bloom Social - not only do they deliver a beautiful selection of flowers, but as of this week are now offering ‘Peony Friday’ where you can choose to have a simple bouquet of peonies delivered right to your door, or a friends, while the season lasts. How lovely is that, and what a perfect gift idea. Thank you all so very much for such a lovely week, it’s been so nice to share a few personal goals, introduce you to a new contributor, update my about page and start feeling like I’m a little more in control of things. I hope you all have a really lovely weekend planned. x

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