​It might sound odd, but no matter how many times I travel to Europe I always forget just how close everything is. I think it will always be a novelty for anyone from Australia or New Zealand, as for us to visit another country it is such a big deal as everything is so far away.

So, I have just spent the most wonderful long weekend in Munich with two of my closest friends and their gorgeous 9 month old. You might remember my time there last year during Autumn, it was so beautiful then, but to see Munich during Spring is just stunning. The tulips are in full bloom, it’s warm enough to walk around without a jacket and the trees are coming back to life. It’s just so lovely.

All I wanted to do this weekend was just spend time with my friends - we spent warm spring afternoons in the English Gardens having picnics, drinking beer and eating pretzels in local beer gardens and making a very special visit to the Neuschwanstein Castle. I have wanted to visit this castle for such a long time, and it was so special to visit with them - the castle is of course beautiful, but the scenery around it is absolutely incredible. You really can see how it inspired so many Disney castles. If you do get the chance to visit this beautiful site, make sure you take the cable car up to Tegelberg - the view of the castle is breathtaking and the view over the alps will leave you absolutely speechless. It’s such a special place.

So, after a really wonderful long weekend away in Munich - I am now on my way back to Paris (currently creating this blog post from the departure hall in Munich). I really missed Paris while I was away, and I am so looking forward to sharing the rest of my time there with you. I hope you all had a truly wonderful weekend and have a really lovely week planned. x