One of the things that has always blown me away over the years - is how many beautiful, talented and incredibly kind people I have met through this tiny slice of the internet. Some of my closest friends have come from a simple email, comment on Instagram or simply bumping into each other at an event. My friendship with Sophie from Mini Grandi Artist started last year during my separation - and to be honest, I can’t remember how we ‘met’ but I’m forever grateful that we did. From memory, I think I simply left a comment on one of her pieces - she then emailed me to say thank you and from there a lovely friendship started to form. And one terribly sad day I arrived home to a beautiful piece by her kindly called Transition, alongside her beautiful and incredibly generous gift was a lovely note that simply encouraged me to keep going, embrace my transition and look forward to a new life. She didn’t want anything in return, she just simply wanted to help. It’s lovely and generous moments like this that show you what true kindness is - and that no matter how hard your day is, when someone kindly and by no means expected, simply reaches out to offer kind words and a little encouragement. Those words and that act of kindness truly mean the world.

So, I would very much like to return the kindness of Sophie and share her beautiful work with you. You have no doubt noticed the special piece by her in my room - but I’d like to introduce you to the rest of her work. Her elegant, minimal and memorising work is inspired from the landscapes around her - and as Sophie is based in Wanaka/Queenstown, New Zealand, those landscapes are rather awe inspiring and make for a beautiful source of inspiration.

Her current collection is called The Indigo Series, but on Friday the 4th of March she will be showcasing her new collection called The Stillness Within. A collection inspired by the sea and mountains around her, but also the benefits and joy of adding meditation to your day and being aware of your soundings. To those based in and around Wanaka or Queenstown, if you visit one show this year, this really would be it. I’m terribly jealous of anyone who will get to see her new work in person - and from what I have heard, there will be some magnificent pieces to admire. But of course, for those who can’t make it to her event, be sure to take a peek at her work online, I have no doubt you will find a perfect piece or two to add to your home. x

The Stillness Within Exhibition

Opening Friday 4th March 6 – 8pm

The Front Room, 10 Memorial Street, Queenstown, NZ.

And continuing until Wednesday 30th March 2016.